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  • Absolute Sound, por Wayne Garcia

Mod.: VK-300X - Solid State & Tube
Balanced Audio Technology

Balanced Audio Technology is pleased to introduce our superlative new VK-300x integrated amplifier. The VK-300x is so versatile, beautiful, and powerful that it will define a new reference for integrated amplification.

Informações Técnicas
Potência 150W – 8Ω /300W - 4Ω
Inputs 2 XLR, 3 RCA
Tape Output 1 RCA
Input Impedance 100kΩ
Pre Outputs XLR
Dimensões (LxAxP) 48 x 15 x 39cm
Peso 18Kg
Opcionais Phono Stage Module , 6922 Tube gain stage , 6H3- Super Tube gain stage

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  • StereoTimes, por Dave Thomas

Mod.: SS-010
Vitus Audio

The SS-010 stereo power amplifier, is the outcome of many years of dedicated efforts by designer Hans-Ole Vitus with the aim to bring out the best in musical recordings, using his experience as a musician.

The SS-010 is based on a brand new circuitry which uses only matched transistors and super precision resistors to ensure optimal working conditions for the different stages of each module. This combined with a special coupling of each input stage, results in an ultra linear frequency response.

The result is a power amplifier, capable of exposing micro details/dynamics never heard before without compromising the coherence of the recording.

The SS-010 stereo amplifier is the statement stereo power amplifier made by Vitus Audio. It is part of the Signature series which contains only the finest electronics we can make. The performance of these products redefines how close to the live event you can get by listening to reproduced music.

Informações Técnicas
Resposta de Freqüência DC - > 800kHz
Potência 25 watts Class A
Inputs 1 XLR, 1 RCA
S/N Ratio > 110dB
Dimensões (LxAxP) 135 x 435 x 410cm
Peso 35Kg
Especificações Balanceado, Dual Monaural

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Mod.: A600E - Solid-State

As a dual channel integrated amplifier, A600E is excellent and able to reproduce sound with high fidelity. The dual monaural structure on the power stage which is usually adopted on flagship amplifiers could ensure the steady sound field even on great dynamics.

No matter the general composition, mechanical structure or the circuit design, each of them could reflect the design principle of "Beautiful". The internal composition is in perfect order as well as good look, besides, it is especially good for electromagnetism interference shielding while the appearance is simple but decent. Two pieces of copper is uncompromised to put into good use in the left and right operating and amplifying parts. The most outstanding point of this unit is the high stability, because the copper could quickly transfer the heat produced by the transistors to the heat sinker, ensuring steady work of the amplifier.

The circuit of A600E adopts full symmetric compensatory current negative feedback circuit which was highly appraised in the hifi field and the current amplifying part could be divided into three stages. The first stage is MJE350/MJE340 geminate transistors which could be easily seen in European and American amplifiers. The second stage adopts MJE15031/MJE15030 geminate transistors which are well commented by the audiophiles for the high performance. And the output transistors was consisted by four pairs of parallel 2SA1295/2SC3264 high-power and high-current geminate transistors on each channel whose peak current could reach up to 68A; the power supply of this unit is offered by two 580W annular transforms and the main power supply adopts four Sweden top-grade 33000uf RIFA169 electrolytic capacitance. And the rectifier bridge adopts 40A square bridge. It is the materials with best quality that ensures the powerful drive of A600E.

The sound of A600E is balanced with rich tastes of music, exact sound location, high analyze ability, wide sound field and powerful drive. The excellent performance when playing all kinds of music would surely impress you deeply.


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Mod.: XA-6950 - Solid-State

XA6950 adopts current negative feedback amplifying circuit with wide frequency rang,high speed and low distortion.

1.Preceding stage adopts the fundamental circuit of the well-appraised XA8200 of our company, succeeding the features of XA8200.

2.Following stage adopts asymmetric current negative feedback circuit, which has broad frequency responding range and low distortion.

3.Every channel has two stages of impulse, and the final stage adopt four pairs of high quality high-power Hi-Fi transistor (XA6950se use MOS FET transistor) as output, which has great dynamic range and strong low frequency control ability.

4.Two high-power ring power transformers supply power for the left channel and right channel, as well as the preceding stage and the following stage individually. The following stage is provided with high speed commuting bridge, while the preceding stage use low internal resistance for the servo of constant voltage power supply.

5.ALPS motor potentiometer is adopted for Volume control, which use the "analogy potentiometer digit indirect control" method of our original creation for control, and can shorten the signal transmission path and reduce the vitiation of signals.

6.Screen display is VFD display, which is of good taste, as well as equipped with full functional remote control.

7.Complete machine adopts microcomputer controlling, which has various protection functions, insures safety as well as ease for use.

8.Balance input interface is also equipped, which can input balance signals.



· High bias current in Class-A mode

· 6 pairs of high current output transistors

· Preamp circuit adopted from highly regarded Xindak XA8200

· Separate power supply for each channel

· Individual power regulators for the preamp and power amp sections

· Comprehensive thermal management system

· Centralized control and monitoring system by microprocessor

· Balanced and unbalanced inputs

· Audiophile components throughout

· Motorized ALPS potentiometer volume control by

· Xindak's proprietary Analogy Potentiometer Digit Indirect control for minimizing signal path

· Elegant two-tone front panel design with VFD status display

· Full function remote control


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Mod.: XA 6200 08 - Hybrid

XA6200 (08) is hybrid integrated amplifier with tube pre-stage and transistor back-stage to endow it with advantages of both tube amplifier and transistor amplifier. So the performance of this amplifier is not only satisfactory music feeling but also ideal acoustics.

The pre-amplifier stage adopts famous ECC88 (6922) which is good at linearity, low distortion, high solution and transparent timbre. The back-stage adopts complete symmetry complementary circuit structure, to assure less nonlinear distortion and transient intermodulation distortion, wide frequency. The drive transistor on voltage amplifying is MOTO pair transistors which is canonizing among audiophiles. Output transistors are two pair of A1943/C5200 in parallel connection to insure enough capacity of current output.

The back-stage power supply consists of a piece of high-power toroidal transformer, two pieces of 50A/1000V Bridge Rectifier and four pieces of high quality 10000uF/63V filter electrolytic capacitor and the left and right channel are completely separated. The power supply for the tubes filament and control are supplied from different windings from transformer.



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